Sometimes our ovarian cycles make us turn into ovarian psycos. As such, we invite you to ride off the stress and get a workout and connect with other wombyn on the streets of Los Angeles, all while becoming more familiar with the resources in our communities.

We are connecting dots, riding around our neighborhoods, and becoming aware of community agencies and spaces in an effort to solidify our local networks making everything and everyone more accessible for and to each other.

POLITICAL VIEWS: Feminist ideals with indigena understanding and urban/hood mentality

For more information about how you can join the brigade or become an ally, please email us at ovarian.psycos@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey women. This is Yazmin.
    I’m a rough rider in Ventura, california ;))
    and so I’m about to work on a project for women.. I wanted to keep in touch with you girl Via email… s ince I don’t do facebook anymore.
    Here is my email: yazmins4s@gmail.com
    it would be awesome if i can get yours/ or u G’s can email me sometime
    You girl rock it and don’t stop!


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  3. Hi, I was researching you guys for a zine and when i typed your name into search engines, I came across a lot of criticism about you being an all female group.

    Are you exclusively female or are you open to others who identify as women but just haven’t had any womyn idenitifed peeps asking to join?

    Do you take a stance on this?

    • Hey, thanks for reaching out to us! Ovarian Psycos is an all-womyn bicycling brigade cycling for the purpose of healing our communities physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our definition of a womyn has always been anyone who identifies as a womyn, no questions asked. The reason why our luna rides are strictly womyn-identified only rides is because we feel the need to create safe spaces for womyn to grow and become empowered so that we can fulfill our mission. The core collective is also made up of strictly womyn-identified folks for the same reason. Our mission is not and has never been counter-posed to the struggles of trans, queer or even male-identified folks. We believe that our struggle for womyn’s lib can create radical change in our communities that will be more inclusive of all people, especially the most disenfranchised.

      We have been receiving a lot of criticism about that since being published in Streetsblog, including some that is completely unbased. But our mission remains the same. We are an unapologetic social movement, a bicycling brigade changing society through every ride and event.

      We are working on a statement of clarification and a possible action to address this question and treat it appropriately so be on the look out for that!

      I hope this answers your question. :)

      Ovarian Psycos

  4. IF you have a zine maybe we can do a swopsies and we can send ours over to ye and you can send us one over…

    Or if you had patches or anything to exchange!!
    I’ll give you my address if you are interested…

    Thanks for such a quick reply,
    (Girl Germs,Dublin, Ireland)

  5. Hey I just discovered your group and I can’t wait to spread the news! I am from the OC area and I am using your group as an example in a paper of mine of how your group decolonizes racialized genders/sexualities for Chican@s/Latin@s. What I wanted to ask you, is if you could explain why you choose to write womyn, instead of women? It’s amazing how spelling can change a word into a new meaning and message.
    Greatly appreciated, and I hope the group continues to grow!

    • One brigade member had this to say on her use tf the word womyn or wombyn: “I dont comform to eurocentric grammar rules that limit our creative expression. WOMByn, as in those who have a womb, carriers and givers of life, & NOT woMEN or woMAN as in derivative of male :D”

  6. What kind of programs do you have for youth? And little girls? What about expansion? Do you have groups around CA? Have you thought about working with other similar organizations? Such as Chola Pinup?

    • Hi Lupe.

      All legit questions. We are working on expanding our programming beyond what we have been doing thusfar which is mainly rides and art. Youth programming, expansion and working with other orgs are all things we have discussed and will hopefully get the ball rolling on in the upcoming months.

      Keep us posted about opportunities if you know of any and we’ll see what we can do. :)


      OPC core collective

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