Core Collective

The “Core Collective” consists of the mujeres responsible  for planning, organizing, and handling all Ovarian Psyco business. We meet at least twice a month. We are a sisterhood of womyn on a mission to heal our communities physically, emotinally and spiritually through cycling. We vow to always abide by the Psyco Path (handbook coming soon).


Xela de La X – Ova GoddessMother <3

*** THE CORE ***

Andi Xoch – La Black Bird

Jocelyn – Joss da Boss

Maryann “La Fingers”


Gloria – Glotography


Alejandra – Fo


Evelyn – Evie

8 thoughts on “Core Collective

    • Hi Vero!

      There are many ways to get involved in the Ovarian Psyco Cycle Brigade! Right now we are looking for help with organizing Clitoral Mass August 31st and we always welcome new womyn riders on our Luna Rides every full moon!

      Muxeres that show initiative and are down with the sisterhood that is OPC are then encouraged to join the core collective which handles the day to day biz. We’ll be updating the site with more information on those ways you can get involved.

      Love, peace and bicycle grease!

      -Ovarian Psycos Collective

  1. I would love to join your sisterhood. I just graduated from college in SF and I’ve been looking for a great group to get involved with and help me find my roots again in Los Angeles. Please let me know your next event!

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  3. I’m biking from Boston to CA and you girls are my dream squad! Ovarian cancer has only sparked more feminist power and fight for justice in me :D I will be riding with you in a few months!

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