Before the initial invasion of the european colonizers, indigenous people throughout Anahuac and Turtle Island were largely matriarchal societies, in which womyn and our Earth Mother were not only respected as care givers, leaders warriors, comrades but most importantly, as the foundation of a thriving, balanced and holistically healthy nation.

We, as Ovarian Psycos firmly believe that Womyn of Color and the land are now and always have been interchangeable. We both continue to be simultaneously exploited, occupied and raped within patriarchal societies, specifically by the foreign power structures of white supremacy. We view government and their agencies acting on their behalf as actively engaging in strategies to annihilate, displace and enslave people of color while progressively harming our people and Mother Earth in the process.

OPC was established in the summer of 2011, due to a lack of sisterhood within our communities. The legacy of oppression dating back 500 years has created conditions in which many of us come from broken homes and are survivors of abuse. We choose the bicycle not only because it allows us to exercise our bodies,  while trying to reverse the cultural shift from a profoundly respectful relationship with Tonantzin, Mother Earth, into a concrete barren urban jungle, but also because we’re are broke inner-city oppressed peoples and cycling is our only means of transportation. For these and many other reasons, we recognize how vulnerable we are on bicycles and work to empower womyn to take back the streets with an understanding that sisters have our back.

OPC exists in Los Angeles because LA is dominated by car culture and bike culture is dominated by middle and upper class white men. We believe that it is dangerous to live in a society that doesn’t cultivate community, sisterhood, brotherhood and companerism@.


Ovarian Psyco-Cycle Brigade (OPC) are womyn of color, sisters, mothers, overgrown knuckleheads, riders, writers, students, wage slaves, hustlers, artists, MCs, poets, intellectuals, radical scholars, passionate womyn, environmentalists, urban farmers, medicine womyn, militants, feminists, renaissance womyn, fearless fierro riders and modern-day charras on steel horses!

Outside of working with OPC – we work with youth and the community. We do because it heals and fuels us. We were raised under cultural norms that told us that brown is not beautiful, that Womyn of Color are to be meek, subservient and what we should be afraid of freedom. We work daily to break these norms. We know that another world IS possible and it is our duty and responsibility to pass that knowledge on to other young Womyn of Color.

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Be kind to the environment and your wallet, take the train to Clitoral Mass!


Clitoral Mass is only 5 days away and we can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces at the beginning of the ride @ Grand Park!!

As y’all know, parking downtown is limited (and expensive!!)

We suggest that all riders take some sort of public transportation, we’ll be meeting on the 2nd level of Grand Park near the Metro Civic Center/Grand Park stop (red & purple lines)

If y’all must drive, here’s some relatively near by metro stations you can try parking at….
-Union Station (all lines)
-Westlake/MacArthur Park (red/purple line)
-Chinatown (red line)
-Lincoln/Cypress (gold line)
-Mariachi Plaza (gold line)

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