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Ovarian Psycles invite you to contact us to host or co-host rides and events that fit with our mission/vision. Please email all such inquiries to us along with a complete OPC EVENT PROPOSAL FORM up to 2 weeks prior to the event. Holla!

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4 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi ladies,
    My name is Corina I went to the last Luna Ride on the 8th. I was wondering if you ladies heard about Breanna Guzman’s body being found in Silver Lake. I am just asking because I was wondering if you girls would possibly have a ride in her honor. It’s just an idea. I didn’t know her, but some of my friends did. I was very sad to hear about her body being found on an on ramp in the neighborhood I live in. It’s disturbing to think about the her abduction in Lincoln Heights because I know some of you ladies live in the surrounding neighborhoods. When they found her body, I thought about what the Luna rides meant to me even though I’ve only been to one I still felt a great sense of protection and sisterhood riding with you girls but it worries me to think that this 22 year-old female was taken away from her family.
    Well I just wanted to ask you ladies about your opinion on that. I know you ladies are busy but if anyone gets a chance to respond I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. Hey there, do you all know about La Bella Preme, an all women’s cycling event in Malibu on June 1. I am with Girls on the Run (a nonprofit serving preteen girls) and we are building a team. It looks like a great event. You should check it out…and come ride with us!

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