June Luna Ride Recap- “Muxeres de la Luna”

June 15, 2011

When I arrived, I felt a rush of excitement running through my body, blood was pumpin, & ovaries we’re MOVIN! I saw a sea of muxeres con sus bici’s. Many were talking, laughing and greeting other womyn with warm hugs and hello’s and the occasional, “DEEENG, WASSUP GIRL!” was heard. Whether you rode by yourself or with a friend, everyone was welcomed with open arms! There were last minute repairs to some bikes, and I have to say, Momma-Ova Monica Perez and Ova Jocelyn Hernandez handled. More than 30 women showed up! It wasn’t until we began to ride down Marengo towards City Terrace when I finally looked up and saw her! Shining BIG & BEAUTIFUL & lighting our way. Coyolxauhqui had come out of hiding and let her light shine to let us know she was present and guiding our journey.

When we arrived at La Mina the womyn were greeted with  music and drumming. International Liberation Photographer, Pocho1,  had this to say about the experience… ” As I silk screen, I hear loud shouts, screams, and howls at the moon. Muxeres who seem to be invading a village or pillaging a men’s establishment when they take over the place. It is nothing but love , respect & education in the air. It was quite an honor to capture la lunada y las Ovarian Psyco-Cycles. Solidarity work is here.”

After we left La Mina, we headed toward the Coyolxauhqui statue on City Terrace and Miller and were greeted by Las Mujeres De Maiz. The Womyn lined up one after another, got smudged and formed a circle around the statue. Fe  Evaone shared a few words and a song giving thanks and respect to the 4 directions as well as Mother Earth and Coyolxauhqui. We were givin tobacco as an offering and placed it on whatever body part we chose to pray for. By the time it reached the last womyn there had been much laughter and to the surprise of many womyn, tears. I heard one womyn say, ” I came here thinking I was going to ride my bike….little did I know I was going to be sobbing.”

If there is one way to describe this night, it wouls be UNBELIEVABLE, UNEXPLAINABLE, & MAGICAL. Definitely a Luna Night to remember ❤

-Maryann Aguirre

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