Get to Know the Ovarian Psycos– Andi Xoch

Left Ovary–Fall 2011 Season ❤

    • Name/Alias : Andi Xoch a.k.a La Black Bird
    • Your Bici Name: Palomita
    • Born/Raised: Mexico City/ Highland Park
    • Day/Night Job(s): Silk Screen Printer/ Workshop Conductor @ Self Help Graphics/ Live Art/ Hustler.
    • 1st Ride: The 1st Luna Ride : Luna Death Ride
    • Reasons for joining: Great exercise/ friendship/ and healing
    • Worst Experience: Sister Ova Xela’s accident on the first Luna Ride was F’n scary! Reminded us that cycling is no joke !
    • What have you accomplished: Keeping our collective Strong and Growing . Hope to accomplish: Longer distance rides/ Bike Shop (mobil?) / mentoring program.

Fill in the Blank

Best part about being a muxer is Our motherly/ nurturing instincs with everything we do.

Favorite form of hydration is Coconut Juice Baby

Best way to get rid of cramps is a hot bath ,

Sade, a Joint

My Ovarian Psyco sisters
are the modern day charrass hahahaha

My bike is my weapon , my outlet, my partner in crime !

Beet-viche Recipe

*This recipe is 100% vegan-friendly!

  • 2-3 Whole Beets
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 4-5 Carrots
  • 3 Roma Tomatoes
  • 1 Cilantro Bushel
  • Sea Salt or- Kosher (nothing iodized or bleached- healthier)

Start by washing your beets very well – cut off the ends and roots. Get a small grater and grate the beets. Grate the carrots completely as well. Dice the tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Mix everything together in a container. Add lemon and sea/kosher salt to taste and serve with tostadas and enjoy! Add avocado and tapatio for a most delectable dish.

Health facts: beets (and beet juices) are a blood-building herb that detoxifies blood and renews it with minerals and natural sugars. They can also fight cancer and prevent health defects.

• Vitamin A : 20 I.U.
• Thiamine : .02 mg
• Riboflavin : .05 mg
• Niacin : .4 mg
• Vitamin C : 10 mg.
• Calcium : 27 mg.
• Iron : 1.0 mg.
• Phosphorus : 43 mg.
• Fat : .1 gm.
• Carbohydrates : 9.6 gm.
• Protein : 1.6 gm.
• Calories : 42

for more information visit:

Recipe courtesy of Mayra Aguilar and Maryann Aguilar

Get to Know the Ovarian Psycos–Mayra

    • Name/Ova Alias: Mayra
    • Your bici’s name/alias: La Bici blue
      • Born and Raised In: Huntington Park/Walnut Park/ South Gate!!!!!
      • Day Job(s)/Night Job(s): Multimedia Tech/Bad Ass 24/7
      • First Ovarian Psycos ride: The seed-bombing ride. We met up at Placita Olvera last year. Overall it was such an eye opening experience, that I knew right there and then that I was HOOKED!
      • Reason(s) for joining/staying: Sisterhood
      • Best and worst experience on a ride: Best experience was seeing women who hadn’t been on a bike in XX amount of years totally having a blast. Also, I love that fact that through the rides, I have been discovering parts of LA I have never seen. Worst: When some guys took over the ride during our suicide awareness ride. I got pissed, not because they were guys, but it was OUR ride. Peeps need to respect and help find a solution together. Not be all quick to “take over” the situation.
  • What have you accomplished/ still hope to accomplish as Ovarian Psycos? I hope we can bring more bike awareness throughout LA. One day there will be bike lanes in all our neighborhoods.
  • Words of wisdom: What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Fill in the blanks

The best thing about being a MUXER is being strong to overpower all.

My favorite form of hydration is an iced cold mexi pepsi.

Best way to get rid of cramps is eating lots of fruit and not drinking ANY caffeine .

My Ovarian Psyco sisters are some ass kicking womyn.

My bike is a party on wheels.

Ovarian Psycos+CBE Ride Against Domestic Violence–NOW RESCHEDULED


Ovarian Psycos & Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) present:

Ride Against Domestic Violence!!

Please join us on Sunday Nov. 20 2011 as we ride from South East High School to the CBE offices. Once we get to CBE, we will have a dialogue on Domestic Violence and how our communities react and handle these tragedies.

This is for all of our sisters & brothers who have left this earth too soon and to those how need the helping hand to break free.

We will meet at the South East High main entrance at 2:00PM

Riding out NO LATER THAN 2:30pm

The route is about 3 miles. (It’s not a race, but there is a pace. All riding styles are welcome!!)

6325 Pacific Blvd, Suite 300
Huntington Park, CA 90255 (Red brick building next door to the Deardens)

Can’t make the ride, join us @ CBE for the discussion.


Please have a working bike
Bring a helmet
Bring water
Bring sunscreen
Bring a friend 🙂

Ovarian Psycos Present: Sexual Health and Healing Nov. LUNA Ride-TONIGHT!!


Ovarian Psycos Presents: Sexual Health and Healing



Muxeres! It’s that time of the month again. This month we will be dedicating the LUNA ride to sexual health and sexual healing. The discussion will be held at the breathtaking Rio de Los Angeles and facilitated by an incredible hermana. AND we will also be raffling off “safe sex kits.” Hope you all can make it. It will be chilly so bring a sweater.

START: Mariachi Plaza/Boyle Heights Station
Los Angeles, CA 90033

@ 7:00 PM . Please be prompt!

END: Rio de Los Angeles State Park, Los Angeles, CA
in Cypress Park off of N. San Fernando Road

{5 miles.- medium pace}

As a reminder, LUNA Rides are strictly Womyn-identified only, please*
that means, ladies, leave your men at home
–a helmet and other protective gear you may need!
–a warm sweater
–lots of positive energy, openness and love

CLICK HERE to RSVP on Facebook

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