Get to Know the Ovarian Psycos–Maryann Sunhands!

  • Name/Ova Alias: La Sunhands
  • Your bici’s name/alias: R.I.P. Soul Rider
  • Born and Raised In: east side of the river
  • Day Job(s)/Night Job(s): funemployed!
  • First Ovarian Psyco ride: Luna ride
  • Reason(s) for joining/staying: the amazing females who enjoyed biking just as much as me
  • Best and worst experience on a ride: I’ve been blessed not to have a “bad” experience thus far…best experience would be the ride back from our beachin’ bike ride! Awesome feeling of accomplishment
  • What have you accomplished/still hope to accomplish as Ovarian Psycos? I am a female that is becoming more bike savvy and hope to become a better biker!
  • Words of wisdom: never be that person to sit in your own pity and take every experience as a learning one and if you can’t do that, take your emotions out on your bike

Fill in the blank
• The best thing about being a MUXER is bleeding for 7 days and not dying!
• My favorite form of hydration is agua!
• My Ovarian Psyco sisters are my better half♥
• Best way to get rid of cramps is warm tea and some Buddha.
• My bike is my motivator!

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