5Th Annual Clitoral Mass: August 6th

Clitoral Mass 2016_flyer (4x5)

for Los Angeles’ 5th Annual
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Clitoral Mass is the largest bike ride in Los Angeles to date organized by and for womxn of color, trans, queer, two-spirited and gender nonconforming folx. With our arsenal of “indigena understanding and urban hood mentality,” we are building movement in the spirit of rebellion passed down by our great grandmothers, reclaiming the autonomy of our spaces and bodies as we continue to resist the settler occupation of both.

The riders will meet up Lou Costello Park at 9AM Saturday, August 6, 2016 with a bike repair station, photo booth and resources to greet participants. Festivities will start with an opening ceremony with blessing of the bikes, and bike safety skits. We will then ride out at 11AM. Riders can expect multiple pit stops with live music, freebies, and the unique experience of riding with hundreds of other womxn identified, nonconforming riders through the urban and natural terrains of the city’s streets.

We are taking up space in the street and owning our bodies.

We Want You at Clitoral Mass 2016!

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Clitoral Mass L.A. is organized by Ovarian Psycos Cycles and volunteers in the Clitoral Mass Committee.

Clitoral Mass represents solidarity between womxn, queer, femme, trans, gender non-conforming and two-spirited individuals from different walks of life to promote solidarity in bicycling, encourage safety, health in our communities and taking back the night.

We envision a movement in which womxn from all over the world organize their own Clitoral Mass in their respective communities in order to shift consciousness about social justice through bicycling for everyone.

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> > P L E A S E – N O T E < <

This ride is open to all WOC & POC womxn, gender-non-conforming, queer, trans, two-spirited folx only!

> > We do recognize that the name Clitoral Mass does refer to cis-womxn’s reproductive system. However, it is not meant to exclude anyone. The name is a play on words intended to be playful and simultaneously create some sort of acknowledgement/acceptance/pride in one’s historically oppressed body. While this is a frequent motif of ours, we do not make apologies for using fem-posi symbolism and do so to reaffirm and reclaim our bodies and do not in any way do it with the intention to marginalize the many forms and genders that constitute “woman.” We prescribe to a decolonized/WOC feminist interpretation of womxnhood, which includes womxn and womxn-identified folks, or two-spirited/queer/trans folks. Long story short, ALL WOMXN-IDENTIFIED FOLX no matter what reproductive organs you have or do not have are welcome on this ride!< <

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