Clitoral Mass 1st Time Rider Tips


Yes, we posted this before but it’s so good we ARE GONNA KEEP RES-POSTING! Check your bikes yo! You don’t know how much help it is for us when y’all check your bikes before the ride! Last year we had no major injuries or mechanical issues and only 1 person fell! And she got up and kept riding!!! Lets keep it that way and improve. Here are tips for for ALL riders to go over before Saturday!

Clitoral Mass LA Rider Tips & Checklist:

Tips for the Psyco-list:

Hydration :
Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after ridding. Recommended beverages are: Water duh! coconut water, and sports drinks containing electrolytes and sodium.

Taking Care of your Muscles :
Remember to stretch before, during, and after riding! This is very important to avoid injuring your muscles. Focus on your back, quads, gluts, and calves. To prevent your body from becoming stiff you may be better off on your feet and moving around during pit stops.

Comfort & Clothing :

  • Padded gloves to reduce pressure on your hands.
  • Shoes with firm soles make pedaling more efficient.
  • Bike shorts with padded lining eliminate seams and make cycling more comfortable.
  • Comfortable bike seat.
  • Bright colored clothing that wicks moisture will keep you dry and visible.
  • Bicycle Checklist. Be sure to check:

Tires for proper inflation.

  • Tire treads for excessive wear or other damage, such as embedded glass or other objects.
  • Brakes. Spin the wheels to check for rubbing and then apply the brakes to ensure they stop the bike smoothly and evenly.
  • Check the brake pads for excessive wear.
  • Cables and housing to make sure there is no fraying or splitting.
  • Wheel quick release levers to ensure they are secure.
  • Any loose parts or other mechanical problems.
  • Do a slow-speed ride and inspect bicycle, brakes, and shifting before you leave your driveway.

Safety Checklist:

  • Properly fitting helmet.
  • Pump.
  • Patch kit or spare tube.
  • Toolkit for basic repairs.
  • Your driver’s license or other ID, plus an emergency contact person and medical information.
  • First aid kit.1
  • Reflectors and flashing rear safety light.
  • Brightly-colored clothing to improve visibility.
  • A few dollars for emergencies.


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