C-Mass No More


It’s not C-Mass, It’s Negra Misa!! We’re still having our annual womxn lead bicycle ride on August 5th, 2017. But we are no longer calling it Clitoral Mass, we are calling it Caile! Ah la Misa Negra! As we are in moarning for our comrades who are currently being deported and criminalized.

Caile! Ah La Misa Negra! Meetings take place every Wednesday from 7-9pm at La Conxa. We split into committees and deligate roles, as volunteers and organizers alike will be facilitating this years Womxn Lead Ride and with great news, we are making it a CO-ED RIDE, that means both cis-male, male identified folx will be welcomed to join us for this years annual ride.


Femi Bici + Rila Libre will be joining us from Oaxaca, Mexico!! We’ll be collaberating through social media as they also organize their very first C-MASS in Mexico!! We are excited to participate in resistance no matter the boarders that devide us. FUCK TRUMP!


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