Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade

Our political views are feminist ideals with indigena understanding and an urban/hood mentality!

We are connecting dots, becoming aware of community agencies, spaces and movimientos in an effort to solidify our local networks making everything and everyone more accessible for and to each other.

Established in 2010, we have supported and fortified young womxn of color leadership through a credo that believes in "feminist ideals with indigena understanding and an urban/hood mentality."

In the past, we have collaborated with groups such as Corazon del Pueblo, Serve the People, Defend Boyle Heights and many more as well as organized around truly grassroots issues in our communities in Los Angeles. Through these collaborations both good and bad, it has solidified for us that building alliances is necessary and building outside of state sanctioned federal funding non profit industrial complex is mandatory. We are unapologetic members of the coalition Defend Boyle Height. #DBHorGTFO http://defendboyleheights.blogspot.com/.

Our mission and vision currently under construction.. when the rest of the world and all our relatives alongside us are dying, being held hostage in the prisons, holding strong through the terror and inhumanity at Standing Rock, our relatives that have suffered the continued raping and the pillaging in occupied territories all over the globe, "healing our communities by addressing pertinent issues" no longer feels sincere nor is it an adequate nor appropriate response. We will learn tactics, build strategy and in the process find our purpose.. accepting that we may or may not ever heal.

For more information about how you can become an ally, please email us at ovarian.psycos@gmail.com.