Grand Re-opening @ Solidarity Ink

Firme Femmes.

We were able to table at the Grand Re-opening of Solidarity Ink’s new Location this past Saturday. The performances were great, the soy tacos were off the hook, & people were diggin the new space. We met a lot of new faces and interested riders & received nothing but mad love and support for our cause.  I don’t think any of us are  still used to the fact that half  of the people that come to our table already know who we are before we even introduce ourselves! Word of mouth spreads fast and we’re glad that the movement is progressing ❤

Solidarity Ink

1749 Main St.

Lincoln Heights

Farm ride recap <3

“We didn’t take off until 3pm but we were approximately 20 strong. It was really dope cuz no rider was left behind. One rider  got a flat and a Bici Digna dude stayed behind to help her.

As we waited, we received lots of support from the drivers who drove by us. Once the missing riders were in sight, everybody cheered! YAY!!!! It was a happy moment!

Mayra’s pick for this street was excellent! She wanted to demonstrate more of the community instead of simply ugly factories. Riding down Central felt really awesome because there were lots of people out and the Ovas got lots of exposure. There were even little kids around who were excited to see several cyclists. We’re role models!

So we rode on through to 41st to South Central Farms. There was cheering as we arrived (not sure if it was us or the people already there). Nevertheless, we definitely felt welcomed and the love! We parked our bikes along the fence and enjoyed in the festivities. The Ovas enjoyed mangonadas and the delicious food that ‘Food Not Bombs’ made for everybody.

As for the weather, it was on our side. The sun was out but was not too hard on us. Overall, it was a great day for all!”


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