Get to Know the Ovarian Psycos–Mayra

    • Name/Ova Alias: Mayra
    • Your bici’s name/alias: La Bici blue
      • Born and Raised In: Huntington Park/Walnut Park/ South Gate!!!!!
      • Day Job(s)/Night Job(s): Multimedia Tech/Bad Ass 24/7
      • First Ovarian Psycos ride: The seed-bombing ride. We met up at Placita Olvera last year. Overall it was such an eye opening experience, that I knew right there and then that I was HOOKED!
      • Reason(s) for joining/staying: Sisterhood
      • Best and worst experience on a ride: Best experience was seeing women who hadn’t been on a bike in XX amount of years totally having a blast. Also, I love that fact that through the rides, I have been discovering parts of LA I have never seen. Worst: When some guys took over the ride during our suicide awareness ride. I got pissed, not because they were guys, but it was OUR ride. Peeps need to respect and help find a solution together. Not be all quick to “take over” the situation.
  • What have you accomplished/ still hope to accomplish as Ovarian Psycos? I hope we can bring more bike awareness throughout LA. One day there will be bike lanes in all our neighborhoods.
  • Words of wisdom: What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Fill in the blanks

The best thing about being a MUXER is being strong to overpower all.

My favorite form of hydration is an iced cold mexi pepsi.

Best way to get rid of cramps is eating lots of fruit and not drinking ANY caffeine .

My Ovarian Psyco sisters are some ass kicking womyn.

My bike is a party on wheels.

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