Luna Bike Rides


Full Moon Bike Rides

The Luna/Full Moon Bike Rides represents solidarity between womin, queer, femme, trans gender non-conforming and two-spirited individuals from different walks of life to promote autonomous community building, and address pertinent social issues within our communities.

We use the bike as a tool for resistance and self-determination.

Luna Bike Rides are slow paced bike rides. The slowest rider sets the pace. No rider is ever left behind.  This is the perfect bike ride if you are new to cycling.  We have designated cyclists ensuring everyone’s safety throughout the ride.

No METRO BIKES!! They will be sacrificed. We have some loaner bikes folks can use if they don’t have a bike ride but would like to join us. Please email us to coordinate.

Riders can expect an opening ceremony honoring the 4 direction & the elements that give us life, blessing of the bikes, bike safety skits & yoga stretches before riding out to our destination.  

The Luna Bike Rides attempt to make the connection between the colonial settler invasion  & occupation of native indigenous territories to the ongoing violent uprooting, displacement & exploitation of working class communities of color. The luna bike rides attempt to address all aspects of this oppression from homelessness, police brutality, gentrification, ICE raids, deportations, crooked slumlords, art-washing, fence straddling & white supremacy.  CAILE! Mask up, wear black, bring the homies, your bike, your rage & with love come build with other collectives from LA & beyond. The need for our communities to reclaim and sustain autonomous femme-only spaces has been critical & vital to our collective growth.  Still today the urgency calls upon each and every single one of us to commit to collective care, to build and develop affinity groups, so that we may continue with the legacy of rebellion and resistance we have all inherited.


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