Black Mass 2017 aka CLITORAL MASS




Cum one, cum all to Black Mass 2017!

Black Mass represents solidarity between womxn, queer, femme, trans, gender non-conforming and two-spirited individuals from different walks of life to promote community building,and address pertinent social issues within our communities.

We envision a movement in which womxn from all over the world organize their own Clitoral Mass (however they’d like to recognize it) in their respective communities in order to shift consciousness about social justice through bicycling for everyone.

> > M E E T – U P – I N F O R M A T I O N < < { { Los Angeles State Historic Park } } > > Meet up: 10:00 am | Roll out: 12:00 pm < < > > TA K E – T H E – T R A I N < < We encourage everyone to bike in, walk in or bus in! If you are taking the gold line, exit ***Chinatown Station*** > > T A K E – T H E – B U S < <
For more information on what Metro Bus’ takes you to LA Historic Park, click the following link:

> > W H A T – T O – B R I N G < < Yourself, your friends, your bike, cash for awesome Black Mass Merch! We’ll be providing snacks, granola bars, water, toilet paper! But feel free to bring your own snacks if you’d like! > > W H A T – T O – E X P E C T < < Black Mass Route Committee has been working tirelessly on the route to make sure this ride is DO-able for EVERYONE! We will have a number of pit stops throughout the ride where we will have restroom breaks, snacks, water, music and live entertainment! > > E N D I N G – L O C A T I O N < < No need to worry! We will ALSO be ENDING at LA Historic Park! > > V O L U N T E E R – I N F O R M A T I O N < <
If you’re interested in volunteering check out the forms below!

Icon Volunteer       <— Non-Rider Volunteer Form

PayPal_Donate_Button_icon <<— PayPal Link to DONATE! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – > > P L E A S E – N O T E < < This ride is open to ALL! We are opening the ride to cis male folx, as we are promoting support for all as we face dangerous outcomes in the hood. The over straining anxiety of getting detained, deported, shot, kidnapped, and much more as marginalized people of color we must stand together in solidarity NOW MORE THAN EVER!! > > We do recognize that the name Clitoral Mass does refer to cis-womxn’s reproductive system. However, it is not meant to exclude anyone. The name is a play on words intended to be playful and simultaneously create some sort of acknowledgement/acceptance/pride in one’s historically oppressed body. While this is a frequent motif of ours, we do not make apologies for using fem-posi symbolism and do so to reaffirm and reclaim our bodies and do not in any way do it with the intention to marginalize the many forms and genders that constitute “woman.” We prescribe to a decolonized/WOC feminist interpretation of womynhood, which includes womyn and womyn-identified folks, or two-spirited/queer/trans folks. Long story short, ALL WOMYN-IDENTIFIED FOLX no matter what reproductive organs you have or do not have are welcome on this ride!< <

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