Before the initial invasion of the european colonizers, indigenous people throughout Anahuac and Turtle Island were largely matriarchal societies, in which womxn and our Earth Mother were not only respected as care givers, leaders warriors, comrades but most importantly, as the foundation of a thriving, balanced and holistically healthy nation.

We, as Ovarian Psycos firmly believe that Womxn of Color and the land are now and always have been interchangeable. We both continue to be simultaneously exploited, occupied and raped within patriarchal societies, specifically by the foreign power structures of white supremacy. We view government and their agencies acting on their behalf as actively engaging in strategies to annihilate, displace and enslave people of color while progressively harming our people and Mother Earth in the process.

OPC was established in the summer of 2010 as a response to the legacy of oppression dating back 500 years has created conditions in which many of us come from broken homes and are survivors of abuse. We choose the bicycle not only because it allows us to exercise our bodies,  while trying to reverse the cultural shift from a profoundly respectful relationship with Tonantzin, Mother Earth, into a concrete barren urban jungle, but also because we’re are broke inner-city oppressed peoples and cycling is our only means of transportation. For these and many other reasons, we recognize how vulnerable we are on bicycles and work to empower womxn to take back the streets with an understanding that sisters have our back.

OPC exists in Los Angeles because LA is dominated by car culture and bike culture is dominated by middle and upper class white men. We believe that it is dangerous to live in a society that doesn’t cultivate community, sisterhood, companerism@, mutual acuerdos.. but more importantly.. a community that refrains from cultivating rebellion and resistance, fawwwwk- might as well be waving a lil white flag, full surrender.


Ovarian Psyco-Cycle Brigade (OPC) are womxn of color, xisters, mothers, overgrown knuckleheads, riders, writers, students, wage slaves, hustlers, artists, MCs, poets, intellectuals, radical scholars, passionate womxn, environmentalists, urban farmers, medicine womxn, militants, feminists, renaissance womxn, fearless fierro riders and modern-day charras on steel horses!

Outside of working with OPC – we work with youth and the community. We do because it’s fkng necessary and our goddamned obligation to do so.  We were raised under systematic subordination to white supremacist cultural norms that told us that brown is not beautiful, that womxn of color know only to be meek, subservient, ultimately a threat to main stream society-fear freedom. We work daily to break these norms. We know that another world IS possible and it is our duty and responsibility to pass that knowledge on to other young Womxn of Color.

10 thoughts on “XISTER, ARE YOU PSYCO?

  1. It sounds like what you have started here is something to admire. I’m all the way in San Francisco, but I would love to know more about the work that you do. I work at Pedal Revolution, a full service non profit bike shop aimed toward helping youth get back on their feet. We provide them with a paid internship that includes learning basic bike mechanics as well as one on one mentoring/case management which includes helping the youth with their professionalism, resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, etc. I’m trying to figure out ways that I could expand and reach out to the community and just work in the shop. There is an organization here called Poder and I’m looking forward to working with them.

    To end my rant I just want to say that it sounds like your organization is something to behold and admire. Keep up the powerful game changing work.

  2. I just read an article about OPC’s mission and after looking around your website, my heart and soul feel at home. This is something that calls to me, as a indigenous womxn, a daughter of our mother earth, a survivor of sexual assault, I send my gratitude for all that you stand, ride and come together for. I live up north, in San Jose, is there a group to connect with in the Bay Area?

    1. Saludos Octavia! This is Carlos, and I also live in sanjo. As a male, I may not be exactly the person or group you wish to connect with, but I ride my bikla, and would love to start a dialogue about this with other mujeres and allies that I have met. My email is mrcarlosv@hotmail.com. Paz.

  3. Girls! From Brussels, Belgium, Central Europe, I wanna scream you outloud:


  4. In Europe politics is disconnected from people’s needs and often old generations are sabotaging young ones (like these days in the UK). You are the future, you are working at the grassroots!
    (Rome, Europe)

  5. Hola, me gustaría saber si vendéis camisetas u otro tipo de producto de vuestra “imagen” para poderlo comprarlo y lucirlo en España. Gracias.

  6. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s
    both educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The probledm is an issue that not enough men and women aare speaking intelligently about.

    I am very happy I found this in my hunt for something relating to

  7. Love to connect. I’m a Ovarian phyco. Salute all of u all Ladys. Blessings. From . Boston Ma . ROP4L. Much xoxo LoV3.

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