Core Collective

The Core Collective is responsible for all day to day tasks, decision making, duties and execution of all Psyco-Cycle Brigade functions. The function of the Core Collective is to serve the community. It is an opportunity to cultivate & to facilitate change in ones community.


To serve not to self –serve | Servir y no servirse

Those in the collective must do political work out of consciousness and not out of desire for personal gain.

Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves | Para todos, todo, para nosotros, nada.



2 Replies to “Core Collective”

  1. I am a womban, a wife, a mother, a step-mother and all I do is give and these persons to whom I am giving only want more. I am living in a life of fear that if I stop and just stop, that no one will eat and there will be no shelter. I am not strong enough to stand alone and harbor all the weight. I am in love with all you womben whom stand strong and enjoy yourselves while changing this patriarchy of pain. I am choosing to do the same.

  2. I saw the Independent Lens documentary tonight and was taken right out by it. I am old and gray now but my bike was my escape, my wheels, my freedom from what felt like the slavery of my youth. I couldn’t be more different ethnically and socially from your core group but abuse, pain, abandonment and forced servitude condemn millions of women to marginal, subsistence existences. Fear becomes our constant companion as the patriarchal forces isolate us, groups of bad ass women, from each other.

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