IMG_9702The Shed/Casa C.O.A.T.L

Located at 2515 E. Cesar E Chavez Ave LA CA 90033, Casa C.O.A.T.L is an autonomous community center, and brave space in Boyle Heights, Califas. Formerly known as La Conxa, It opened its doors in January of 2014. La Conxa was the home to other autonomous community based collectives, instructional classes, events and workshops that aim to address the deep rooted social justice issues faced by folks of color in Los Angeles.  Currently,  the Shed also  serves as the start and end point of thePsyco Brigade monthly full moon womxn only rides and other events and initiatives organized by and for People of Color.  La Conxa is sustained through mutual aid efforts coordinated by the community and does NOT accept any government (federal, state and/or local) funds nor corporate funds.  Retaining autonomy is very important for the dignity, liberty, and justice of the community.  Our Community is Not For Sale!!!


Please visit our calendar for future events. If you are interested in reserving the space or collaborating please fill out an event proposal form. Visit our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Any further questions email us at ovarian.psycos@gmail.com

🐚💕 See ya soon!


Due to COVID-19 all of our programs have gone virtual 

FTP Studies Podcast: A podcast dedicated to studying, learning and discussing movement’s of rebellion throughout Hue Hue Tonantzin–also known as Mother Earth of all.

-Luna Bike Rides: Monthly group bike rides led by Psyco-Brigade (once a month) 

-Patricide Project: PP exists as a monthly dialogue, sharing stories and lived wisdom while we attempt to incite multi media experimental propaganda direct action projects. Identifying the ways patriarchy and toxic masculinity perpetuate oppressive behaviors in organizing spaces.

-MAS PUTA: Mas Propaganda Utilizada (como y para) Tacticas Anarquistas; Learn basic silk screening skills to create propaganda as a tool for resistance

Clinica Popular: A virtual community wellness clinic composed of healers who volunteer their time to provide basic health screenings, holistic recipes and community referrals to alternative forms of wellness.

Free Legal Clinics: Obtain free information on how to expunge your record, tenant’s housing rights, helping a loved one prepare for parole hearings, and other legal issues.

-Letters to the Homies/Homegrrls: A monthly program comprised of raising funds and writing letters to our homies/homegrrls serving sentences at various State Prison. **Email us for upcoming dates**

-Survival Arts: Learn self-defense techniques to protect yourself against violence in any situation. Workshop hosted in collaboration with @survivalarts

Programming subject to change without notice. Please contact ovarian.psycos@gmail.com for more info.

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