Luna Rides

LUNA RIDES are held every full moon and are STRICTLY WOMYN-IDENTIFIED ONLY! We do this for several reasons: 1. We are committed to creating a safe space by and for womyn of color. We recognize that oppression is real and its effects have created deep wounds within ourselves and our sisters. Healing is hard, but our Luna rides create a space free of judgement and hostility. 

2. We are urban youth on a mission to reclaim our indigenous understanding of womyn’s particular relationship to the moon. We recognize that growing up in the city, it is easy for us to forget that we are connected to Coyoxauhqui but our Luna rides are a constant reminder that we come from the earth.

3. In the safe space, we are better able to focus on themes that are pertinent to womyn of color such as sexual health and healing, reconnecting with out moon cycles, etc.

*It is important that you leave your brothers, homeboys, husbands, boyfriends’s, sanchos, and non-womyn significant others at home…. Our goal is to provide a safe space and a welcoming environment for our sister/ sister-identified folx. We want you to leave with a sense of confidence and security in taking back the night!

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