Principles of Struggle

13 Principles of Struggle


As an O.V.A.S. Psyco, I give my word/palabra to live my life with my feet firmly planted on my pedals, with mad heart for my siblings, my hood, my people and with my spirit always rebellious. As part of the O.V.A.S. Psyco Brigade I am dedicated to making appropriate moves in an effort to:

  1. Los de mas abajo. El poder de frente. Our work centered on the most impacted.
  2. Fearless love is not an option it is required. It is holding the self and others accountable to kill the ego, disposability and end the weaponization of our siblings. We will not perpetuates the enemy’s agenda. Self and mutual reflections promotes the love of each other to achieve our full capacity in this struggle towards liberation [a practice no less than once a season and as issues arise] #love is..
  3. Dedicated to autonomous models of community organizing & direct action fighting back against settler colonial power structures
  4. Center our political analysis so that our work be consistently aligned with current struggles towards liberation.
  5. Define our own course of development in service to the next 7 generations and never for street credit, political gain, or social/capital self-interest.
  6. White supremacist power structures have been and continue to be the source of all violence erasing the marginalized globally, specifically seed bearing people and femme identified folx, while recognizing that all marginalized people can be vendidxs(sell outs) too.
  7. Coalition building rooted in other anti- authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-misogynist, anti-settler, collectives circles, individuals only when politically aligned.
  8. Everyone has the responsibility to lead by taking initiative and reclaiming space: it is our shared obligation to practice mutual aid and sustainable organizing through the distribution of labor and rotation of roles.
  9. Recognize the red flags of parasitic organizing to resist, disrupt and dismantle the threat of co-optation and infiltration within our movement.  #unrecruitable
  10. These principles must be upheld in our past, present, and future work otherwise we dont fuks with you! #redlight
  11. Intergenerational and intersectional organizing is a fundamental guiding practice in our work, actions and organizing; from the elders to the seeds, yhe doñas to the babies, the cradle to the grave.
  12. Reject and refuse any and all federal or state funding. We firmly believe in our communities capacity to build without the state for the purpose of building outside the state. #FTP
  13. ALL of us or none. Para todxs todo o nada para nadie.


One Very Angry Squad

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