Principles of Unity

13 principles of unity

As an Ovarian Psyco, I give my word/palabra to live my life with my feet firmly planted on my pedals, with mad heart for my sisters, my hood and my people and with my spirit always rebellious. As part of the Ovarian-Cycle Brigade I am dedicated to making appropriate moves in an effort to:

  1. Maintain a safe space by and for Womyn of Color
  2. Encourage creative models of community organizing and action with an emphasis on cycling as a means to begin addressing health disparities in our communities
  3. Center our political analysis and community action in the struggle for liberation
  4. Organize for the purpose of reaffirming our inherit rights to self-determination and collective ownership of our bodies, our land, territory, resources and knowledge
  5. Define our own course of development appropriate to our particular situations and cultures
  6. Recognize white supremacist power structures as central organizers of violence oppressing Womyn of Color and our Communities of Color
  7. Support coalition building between Womyn of Color while recognizing and honoring differences across cultures
  8. Encourage self awareness as integral to building healthy ally coalitions with other movements struggles which oppose all ‘ISMS’
  9. Promote shared leadership development and decision making
  10. Recognize and resist the power of co-optation of our movements
  11. Support these principles not only in our action but in the practices within our own organization and working circles
  12. Support the creation of organizational processes which encourage these principles and which effectively address oppressive individual and institutional practices within our own organizations
  13. Recognize that any federal or state funding of any and all OPC activities will be strategically solicited solely for the purpose of furthering OPC’s Mission and Vision statements and will be forfeited when funding constraints directly oppose OPC’s Mission and Vision statements

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