Principles of Struggle

13 Principles of Struggle


As an Ovarian Psyco, I give my word/palabra to live my life with my feet firmly planted on my pedals, with mad heart for my xisters, my hood and my people and with my spirit always rebellious. As part of the Ovarian-Cycle Brigade I am dedicated to making appropriate moves in an effort to:

  1. Maintain a brave space by and for marginalized womxn of color,


2. Encourage autonomous, models of community organizing and actions to address oppressive power structures.


3. Center our political analysis and community action to align with current struggles towards liberation. *


4. Define our own course of development so that we are always serving the people first; not for social/capital gain.


5. White supremacist power structures are central organizers of violence oppressing womxn of color and our communities of color, while also recognizing that brown people are vendidos too.


6.Support coalition building between other anti-capitalist collectives/circles/individuals specifically when politically aligned.


7.Understanding that criticism and self criticism is essential to better serve the people.


(kill your ego)


8. Shared leadership development and decision making is rooted in the rotation of roles and shared labor is mandatory.


9. Recognize, resist and dismantle the power of co-optation within our movements.


FUK APOLOGIZERS & Fence straddlers


10. These principles must be upheld not only in our action but in the practices within our own working circles and beyond core membership.

11. Intergenerational organizing is a Fundamental guiding practice. Always recognize the needs from the elders to the seeds. The doñas and the babies, from the cradle to the grave!


12. Recognize that any and all federal or state funding come with puppet strings very difficult to detach and almost that much more impossible to maneuver with. We firmly believe in our communities capacity to build without the aid of the state, for the purpose of building outside the state. #First, The People


13. All of us or none.. Para todxs todo o nada para nadien



One Very Angry Squad

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