FTP Studies: FUCK THE PIPELINES: Freedom for Fidencio Aldama and land defenders across the world!

cw- video displays flashing lights and loud sounds.

This FTP studies combines the Luna Ride with a short video about Political Prisoner Fidencio Aldama of the Yaqui tribe in Sonora (so called Mexico) who was wrongly convicted of murder for his organizing work against the Sempra Energy pipeline.

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For as long as these nations and prisons exist on stolen land, we will fight to unite land struggles throughout Turtle Island and join in echoing the calls for solidarity with political prisoners worldwide especially those most affected by American imperialism and neo-liberalism.

How we choose to answer their calling within the belly of the beast is on each and every one of us. FARCE of July reminds us that there is nothing to celebrate about an empire that was built on stolen land, genocide, and slavery. We have no interest in being part of a system that is violent and genocidal. Let’s dismantle it and build something new!

Please visit FidencioAldama.org. To join solidarity efforts.

Please make a donation today. To join solidarity efforts please

Cashapp: $FidencioLibre

Venmo: fidenciolibre

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